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Ground source heat pumps use pipes which are laid below the ground at your property. These extract heat from the ground which then can be used to heat radiators and underfloor heating.

Because the ground temperature below the surface is generally constant, this technology is perfect for year-round heating system.

A ground source heat pump installation requires an area of land and involves digging trenches and laying pipes, is usually best suited to larger properties. An attractive option, it is vital that you have a large, unused area of land to support this technology. Smaller properties benefit most from an air source heat pumps solution.

Why choose a ground source heat pump?

  • Low cost energy which reduces your energy bills by up to half
  • Qualifies you for some of the greatest benefits from the UK Government’s cashback scheme (RHI)
  • Lowers home carbon emissions
  • Heats the home as well as the water
  • Minimal maintenance required

What is the process?

  1. Initial discussion to assess your budget and requirement
  2. Assessment of your property and land to ensure the right solution is picked for you
  3. Unique design of your bespoke solution using industry-specific software
  4. Agreed schedule to give you time to plan around the installation
  5. Heat pump installation by our experienced, qualified technicians
  6. One-to-one walkthrough of the product and controls
  7. Full maintenance, service cover and aftercare – the team will be very happy to answer any questions you may have after installation
At Inspired Renewables, we have installed ground source heat pumps throughout Norfolk, saving our customers thousands of pounds on their existing energy bills and helping create a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future.

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